Source code branch naming conventions

Master branch — All production grade/released source code maintained in the branch. Tags marked for production releases.

Dev branch — Development branch, having source code available for QA testing. Tags marked for business user verification/testing.

Feature branch — Feature branch used by developer(s) for developing features or fixing non-blocker bugs…

Infra Stack for Cloud Agnostic Solution

Choice for PaaS against IaaS mainly depends on -

  • Capability DevSecOps of the team to address concerns like Availability/Reliability/Scalability/Observability/Security/etc.
  • Cost (Infra + PaaS offering) vs Cost (Infra)+DevSecOps professionals pay
  • Overall size of the Infrastructure.

Sharing cheatsheet with you for cloud agnostic platform/solution.


Cloud- OpenShift AWS Azure GCP

Infrastructure as a…

Problem Statement :- Transaction management in online reservation system.

What is Saga?
- Saga is long story with multiple events. Here, a saga is a sequence of local transactions.

Design Patterns:- Orchestrator Saga, Choreographer Saga
Domains:- Reservation Details, Inventory Details, Payment Details
Commands:- Inventory Blocked, Reservation Captured, Customer Validated, Payment Processed.
Orchestrator Saga Class:- Reservation Saga
Services:- Reservation, Inventory, Customer, Payment

1.Microservices architecture
- Async communication between Microservices through Message Queue (Design Pattern — Event Sourcing).
- Sync communication between Microservices through API Gateway.
- Separate Write DB per domain/business functionality.

2.SaaS Design
- Separate DB for each tenant.

3.Improved read performance of system
- Design Pattern — Materialized View.

-Web Firewall (WAF)
-DDoS attack prevention
-Encryption at rest (DB Layer)
-Virtual Private Network
-NAT Rules
-KeyVault (for securing secretes/credentials)

5.Cloud PaaS Offerings
-Message Queue
-API Gateway
-Kubernetes Cluster
-Database cluster
-Load Balancer
-Search database cluster
-Unified Logs Aggregator

-Security checks like Token Validation/Access Control
-Target Resolvers
-Unique Http Request Id for Request Traceability
-Rate Limiting
-HTTP Traffic Analysis

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1.Apicurio Studio — Key Features

  • Web Based

Design your OpenAPI APIs in a web (browser based) application — no installation necessary.

  • Code-optional Design

Don’t know the OpenAPI specification inside and out? Now you don’t have to!

  • Open Source

The Apicurio Studio is fully open source, hosted on GitHub and actively…

How API Middleware can help you?

1) acts as filter or interceptor for API request/response.
2) modify the HTTP request object — adding unique Request id/thread Id for
request identification, traceability.
3) security checks — Token validation/RBAC validation/etc.
4) protecting from web security vulnerabilities such as a OWASP vulnerabilities
— XSS/Cross Site Scripting Attacks/MIME Sniffing/etc.
5) encryption/PII Masking — Encrypt/Mask sensitive data in-flight mode.
6) apply API rate usage cap.
7) API traffic logging — auditing/analytics purpose.
8) Request/Response — validation as per defined generic schema/criteria’s.
9) error/exception handlings.
10) API Response augmentation.

e.g. ExpressJS in Node.js, Spring in Java

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High Level Diagram — Blocking IO at DB level vs Reactive Database

1) What is R2DBC?
In contrast to the blocking nature of JDBC, R2DBC allows you to work with SQL databases using a reactive API.
Existing standards, based on blocking I/O, cut off reactive programming from relational database users. R2DBC specifies a new API to allow reactive code that works efficiently with relational…

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